Exploding Dots

13.1 Kid Videos by Kids for Kids

Sprinkled throughout the Exploding Dots materials are videos by Goldfish & Robin and friends explaining the various aspects of mathematics in beautiful and profound ways. I want these videos to be shared and well known in the world! They are truly tremendous. So I’ve featured them here in an easy-to-find and easy-to-see single spot.

Enjoy  – and share!



Goldfish & Robin’s VISION STATEMENT: Why they make math videos and what they hope will come next.

They also offer some FUN ADVICE on how to create and play with the ideas of Exploding Dots.

As per Goldfish & Robin’s vision,  if you have videos too of kids explaining Exploding Dots math to kids, let me know here. If all parental and guardian permissions are in place, I’d be delighted to post them.

Finally, you can read about the story of Goldfish & Robin, garner some advice for helping kids make videos, and more, by looking through the various articles in the WildThinks Blog.


Experience 1: Mechania

Goldfish & Robin  and Friends demonstrate the \(1 \leftarrow 2\) machine. VIDEO

Friends demonstrate the  \(1 \leftarrow 2\) machine (Spanish). VIDEO

May and Ray demonstrate the  \(1 \leftarrow 3\) machine. VIDEO


Experience 2: Insighto

Goldfish & Robin  and Friends explain the \(1 \leftarrow 2\) machine. VIDEO

Friends explain the  \(1 \leftarrow 2\) machine (Spanish). VIDEO

Friends explain the  \(1 \leftarrow 3\) machine (Spanish). VIDEO

More details of the \(1 \leftarrow 3\) machine. VIDEO

And here is a lovely STOP ANIMATION VIDEO by R.W. (high-school sophomore, South Hadley MA) explaining representations in multiple bases — and take note of the piano playing!


Experience 3: Arithmos

Goldfish & Robin and Friends explore addition further.  VIDEO

Friends explain addition, in Spanish (and attempt to teach me Spanish too!) VIDEO

Explaining long multiplication in a \(1 \leftarrow 2\) machine. VIDEO

Explaining long multiplication in a \(1 \leftarrow 3\) machine. VIDEO

More than just multiplication in a \(1 \leftarrow 2\) machine. VIDEO

Linking multiplication to the distributive property. VIDEO


Experience 4: Antidotia

Goldfish & Robin discuss antidots. VIDEO

Goldfish & Robin and Friends explain subtraction. VIDEO


Experience 6: Eks

Goldfish & Robin and Friends explain polynomial division.  VIDEO

Levi’s further explanation and practice. VIDEO

Goldfish & Robin multiply polynomials. VIDEO


Experience 7: Infinitia

Dani demonstrates the appearance of the geometric series formula. VIDEO


Experience 9: Weirdutopia

Goldfish & Robin demonstrate the mysterious \(2 \leftarrow 3\) machine. VIDEO

Goldfish & Robin give think about a theoretical  question: VIDEO PART 1  and VIDEO PART 2.


Experience 12: MAKE SPACE

See also the  FUN ADVICE video.

Goldfish & Robin explore two-dimensional machines. VIDEO



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