Exploding Dots

14.1 The Official Scolab.com Suite

Our partner company Scolab has created some terrific web versions of Exploding Dots machines to play with. In fact, Scolab powered the entire online Exploding Dots experience!

HERE they have pulled out the multiple versions of the machine,  with increasing functionality, and you can just go straight in and play with whichever version you like.

Click here to go to the JUST PLAY island.


Alternatively …

Below I’ve pulled out the same machines from each Island page. This way, you can still “just play,” but if you want to go back and review the text and videos you readily can. Click on each blue title to go to the machine described. 

Click: Finding Codes of Numbers

Try typing in a number.

Try clicking on the rightmost box. Drag dots over to make them explode.

Change the type of machine you are playing with.  (There is base one-and-a-half too!)

See the values of dots in each box as you play.

Click: Addition and Multiplication

Try addition.

Drag dots to make them explode or use the magic wand.

Try multiplication too.

Click: Dots and Antidots; Subtraction

Play with subtraction

or just play with dots and antidots!


Click: Division

Play with division.


Click: Polynomials in Base x

And try polynomial division too!

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